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     Building the Bahamas
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     Creating Opportunities

Being a member of BCA has its privileges.

Access to Job Postings, Industry Newsletters,
Training and Certifications and so much more...
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Tender Opportunities

As a part of the BCA, our members get access to a wide range of Tender Opportunities. Whether for general contractor, specialty sub-contractors or other types of contractors, we provide opportunities for our members. Click the link below to find out more on these opportunities.

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FDI Training May 5th

BCA Presents: Foreign Direct Investment Contractor Training. Learn how to: complete the prequalification package, meet the bid list criteria, prepare tender documents, estimate, budget and manage the job. Discounted price for BCA Members.

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Lobbying & Advocacy

A key component of the BCA is to lobby and advocate on behalf of our members. We have lobbied the government in the past to ensure local contractors and companies benefited from the development and expansion of local infrastructure and from foreign investment.

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